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So it’s finally the day for the failure of diets, time with friends and family and reflection upon the real reason for Easter for some of us. However, to most it’s just another excuse to eat chocolate and is one of the very few days where it’s acceptable to eat a Creme Egg for breakfast (I’m not complaining).

Sadly, it is also leading to the end of the selling period of Mini Eggs for this year which just so happen to be my favourite of all Easter delicacies so I’m going to stock up while I can. I recommend the same to you as well but maybe on quality time with those important to you – rather than small, ovular pieces of chocolate (or both). It can be rare sometimes for us to really appreciate the people in our lives and lately I’ve realised that you don’t truly understand what you have until you lose it. So I advise you to really cherish these moments – whether with family or friends or whoever you love in your life. Easter is one of the perfect times for this as it is a reason to meet up and eat loads of chocolate – what more could you want?

So that’s it from me for this entry, have a happy, safe and holy (if you celebrate for religious reasons) Easter and I’ll see you soon.



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