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Testing out Poundland Matt(e) Lip Colour

170854 I’m a sucker for a good Matte Lipstick, and also pretty broke. I’d read a couple of reviews online for Poundland’s Make Up Gallery Matt Lip Colour and they mostly seemed pretty positive which honestly surprised me for such an affordable lip product. So I headed down to my local Poundland and bought the lip colour in my preferred shade which was this nude colour with arguably a slightly pink undertone. In case you were wondering, it was only £1. Immediately I appreciated how it didn’t look outstandingly cheap – as if only bought from a pound shop. Upon opening it, I noticed the delightful scent of a vanilla like flavour which increased the appeal of the product as t may be expected for such a cheap product to smell quite chemically and off-putting but this was quite the opposite.

I used a lip scrub before I began to get the best results I could when testing this product.

I first tested it without anything else on my lips.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 18.53.55.png

It had a very creamy, thick consistency but actually looked quite thin when applied and so I felt a few layers were required to do the product justice. True to it’s name, it did have a matte finish but not the kind where you had to wait for it to set which I do like but they take much longer whereas this was fortunately just instant. As this is something that didn’t have to set, I fell like it wore off relatively quickly compared to other brands I’ve worn. However, they were all at least £10 and considering this was 10% at the most of those other products, it wouldn’t exactly break the bank if you had to reapply this throughout the day.

I also tried this lip colour but with a lip pencil underneath first as a base.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 18.55.13.png

I felt like this meant that I didn’t need to apply as much of the product to begin with and it also meant that it lasted a bit longer throughout the day so I would recommend using a lip pencil with this product if you have one. I used one of the £1 Primark Lip pencils in the closest shade to the Matte Lip Colour that I could find in order to keep this all cheap. Despite the price, I thought both products did an incredible job, especially together.

But you can judge for your self, would you buy this product? Even if you’e insure I personally believe it’s worth it considering how affordable it is.

Let me know if you try it and what you think of it and if you have any other products that you would recommend/ think I should try.




Primark Longline Duster Jacket Coat

After finishing all six seasons of Gossip Girl within the space of about 2 weeks, I was greatly inspired by the glamorous lifestyle and high-end outfits worn by all of the characters throughout the show. Not only was I inspired to dress ‘better’, it also lead me to getting a job so I could actually afford all of the new clothes I wanted. Of course, no job at my age at least could help me to buy all the Valentino dresses and Elie Saab coats I desired. So, I had to search for cheaper alternatives within my budget.

Primark has always been a favourite of mine. This is due to the incredible prices and pretty great quality of clothes. Of course, it is no Dolce and Gabbana but I believe it is great considering the affordable prices. For example, I have been buying the same leggings for years from there which are currently £2.50. One may argue that if I bought from a different brand and spent more money on them then I wouldn’t have to buy as many pairs but I generally can’t afford to branch out on a pair of leggings which are usually worn as lounge wear anyway.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 17.23.02

One item that I’d been saving up for was the Longline Duster Jacket Coat which was £25 in my store. As cliché as this may sound, I fell in love with the coat the second I saw it, found my size and proceeded to the changing rooms.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 17.02.53

With around £2.40 in my pocket, I knew I was torturing myself but I just couldn’t restrain. Taking it off the hanger, I put the coat on and felt the wealthy, powerful feeling I’d been waiting for. It all seems a little extreme for a coat but I stupidly believe it changed my life. I got home and searched the house for spare bits of change: under the couches, in old bags, coat pockets. I managed to scrape together roughly £11 which was still £14 from what I needed. On my search however, I did find an old 20 dollar bill from a trip to New York and so, on my way to Primark, stopped at the exchange shop and bagged myself a further £14.67. I didn’t feel like the shop assistant would appreciate £11 of my money being in 5ps and 10ps so I took my money to the bank and put it on my card to pay like that. I got to the shop, found the coat section and of course, the jackets were there, but my size wasn’t. Devastated. Truly devastated. In my desperation after coming so far, I got on the train and went to the next closest store which was 3 stories more that my closest Primark. I arrived and lo and behold it was there! I ran (not literally obviously – store rules and everything) to the checkout and bought the coat, ripped off the tags and wore if immediately. I glided through town, coat on, Starbucks in hand, feeling on top of the world.


You may not even think it looks that good on me and frankly, I’d agree. But, considering how I felt wearing it, I don’t think that really matters.

If you haven’t gathered – I would highly recommend this coat. Not only is it affordable (for most) and stylish, it may also make you feel as great as I did. If this isn’t your style, then my message to you is this:

Find something you love, something that inspires you and makes you feel like a better, stronger person and fight for it until it is yours because, honestly, nothing beats a bit of happiness.


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So it’s finally the day for the failure of diets, time with friends and family and reflection upon the real reason for Easter for some of us. However, to most it’s just another excuse to eat chocolate and is one of the very few days where it’s acceptable to eat a Creme Egg for breakfast (I’m not complaining).

Sadly, it is also leading to the end of the selling period of Mini Eggs for this year which just so happen to be my favourite of all Easter delicacies so I’m going to stock up while I can. I recommend the same to you as well but maybe on quality time with those important to you – rather than small, ovular pieces of chocolate (or both). It can be rare sometimes for us to really appreciate the people in our lives and lately I’ve realised that you don’t truly understand what you have until you lose it. So I advise you to really cherish these moments – whether with family or friends or whoever you love in your life. Easter is one of the perfect times for this as it is a reason to meet up and eat loads of chocolate – what more could you want?

So that’s it from me for this entry, have a happy, safe and holy (if you celebrate for religious reasons) Easter and I’ll see you soon.





Okay so I’ll be honest, this may just be my latest thing or niche if you will just to keep me going in life. Alternately, this could be the beginning of a future and I guess no body really knows what’s gonna happen. This is basically just going to be about the three most important F’s – Fashion, Friends, and Fu…n times with makeup (I may have pushed the boat out a little for that last one). I’ll essentially be posting things that have inspired me or that I just admire, as well as a couple of life stories incase anyone needs anything to read to make them feel like their own life is better.

I hope you stick around for whatever this becomes, thanks!


p.s I’m totally stealing that from Gossip Girl (sorrynotsorry)